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A Short Story about Us

As friends and colleagues for the past 18 years, we have coached each other with deep compassion, respect, and acceptance towards our own sense of authenticity. Along our journey we have demonstrated personal growth, healing, development, discovery, expansion and transformations on so many different levels. Eventually we found ourselves assisting those who came to us seeking guidance and assistance. With a deep desire to assist others, we both became certified life coaches and continue to provide a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental environment for restoration, healing and creating a balance of mind, body and spirit. We are committed to assist, support and promote you unto your own self- healing, self-empowerment, rediscovery of your authenticity and a positive state of well-being.

Laura Kirk

Certified Life Coach

Licensed Massage Therapist

Energy worker

Certified R-Factoring Practitioner

Meditation Facilitator

After life as I once knew it fell apart 22 plus years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, change, healing and transformation of myself and my life. As I learned, healed, grew, accessed my inner wisdom and discovered how to embrace myself in a loving, compassionate and non-judgmental way, my desire to help others became undeniable. I am now following my soul driven desire and would love to assist you ignite your inner strength, knowing and wisdom. Life offers us a series of changes and challenges and how we perceive these challenges can either empower us or overwhelm us. As we work together, I will assist you in finding clarity, develop obtainable goals and support you on your journey towards living your best life with joy and confidence.  

Julissa Rodrigues

Certified Life Coach​

I am so excited to introduce myself to you. I am a mother of two, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter and the list goes on, but most importantly, I am honest. My Name is Julissa Rodrigues and I am a certifie​d life coach. Having faced many of life's obstacles and challenges, I realize that the definition of wisdom simply means that I have learned to deal with a lot in life, however every lesson is a blessing and I still choose to shine.

I invite you to share your journey with me. Together we will work toward your obtainable personalized goal plan. I will encourage you to discover what you really want, help you sort through mixed feelings, help you gain confidence in who you are genuinely and help you navigate through many other areas of your life.

Today is the day to break the habit of the same old same old and get started on living with healing, harmony and happiness.


Thank you both for the opportunity to meet and for such an inspiring evening. I left lighter in heart, mind and spirit and awoke today with the addition of a healthier body, too!

Thanks again


The Crystal bowl meditation was very relaxing. I could feel darkness being lifted off me, leaving me feeling very peaceful.

K.R. - 15 years old

I have worked with and known these 2 women for many years. I've watched them lift people up with compassion by giving them some great ideas and having them look at life's situations and challenges in a different way/light. They do that with advice and guidance to help change your thoughts from negative to positive and getting you to see that your energy, your mind and your spirit can get you through any obstacle that comes your way. That you can have peace, love and joy no matter what your going through. Thank you ladies.


From the moment I walked into the healing room I in​stantly felt at 

ease. Laura greeted me, and explained the journey that we’d be going on. Then answered all of my questions, and so began the process. Without needing me to truly go into detail of my personal issues, Laura was able to helped me navigate many factors of situations that were going on in my life, currently and of my past.

She guided through multiple breathing and meditation procedures that brought me pure and genuine peace. The tools that I learned from our session are ones that I now practice in my daily life. I’m so grateful for Laura’s kindness, and authenticity, she is truly amazing.


The Crystal bowl meditation was very relaxing and peaceful. The resonating sounds of the bowls and the vibrations can be felt throughout my whole body.


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